Mormon Missionaries Can’t Teach Muslims?

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Missionaries Can't Teach Muslims?

Earlier this month Sister Rogers of the New Jersey, Morristown Mission posted something I was not aware of (emphasis mine, see picture at bottom):

“The Spirit was in an inspiring mood that day and gave me enough courage to go up to the door.  His mom answered, but he was quickly followed her and invited us in.  He served us freshly squeezed orange juice which was amazing and that lead us into a conversation about his relationship with God.  Before long tears ran down his face as he realized that he is angry at God.  We were not allowed to teach him until he has an interview with our mission president because of his religious background being Muslim, but hopefully soon.”

Are LDS missionaries not allowed to teach Muslims? Even in the United States? Is this a church-wide policy or just a mission policy?

This article says that Church policy prohibits baptizing Muslims in Egypt, but does the policy also exclude even teaching Muslims (anywhere)?

“But leaving Islam and becoming a Mormon would make me a marked man. I had no choice, though, I told myself. I had compiled quite a collection of sins. More than anything, I wanted a clean conscience. I told the Mormon leaders in Cairo that I wanted to be baptized.

“To my surprise, they told me no. The Church simply did not have the legal authority to baptize Muslims in Egypt, and Mormon policy prohibited it. I could attend church and act like a Mormon. I just couldn’t be one.”

Actually, the policy Sister Rogers is referencing goes against the many comments (and instincts) of members as exhibited in this online forum thread titled “Why not proselitize [sic] Muslims?”:

  • As far as I know, we happily proselytize American Muslims, Canadian Muslims, English Muslims, French Muslims, etc.”
  • We preach where we are legally allowed to preach. Muslim countries are some of the places that our missionaries are not allowed to go. It’s the whole death-to-the-infidels thing. As far as preaching to Muslims that are found in other countries, I don’t think that there is any prohibition against it.”
  • We do where we can…. namely thats in the US and UK.”

One last thing. The Wikipedia page on Mormonism and Islam has a section on proselytizing which says:

In certain situations, an interview with the area mission president may be necessary before the church agrees to baptize an individual.”

It references pages 32-34 of the Book 1 of the Church Handbook of Instructions. This reference only talks of people being baptized and does not mention the prohibition of teaching individuals at all.


Missionaries Can't Teach Muslims?

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